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Club Membership.

Worry-free Driving.

Ferrari engine

  • For a simple annual fee, you get reserved time blocks to drive.
  • Use club vehicles like your personal cars. Have a night out or take a trip.
  • Organize meetups with other members or swap days to drive throughout the year.

You pick the cars.

Jaguar F-type wheel

  • All PDC club cars are selected by members.
  • Founding members will pick the club's first cars from a select group.
  • Loyal club members can get rewarded with access to bonus cars.

Hang out and relax.

Bentley interior

  • Our exotic cars are only half the fun.
  • Participate in driving tours and other social events.
  • Share experiences with other passionate enthusiasts.

Daily Use.

Thrill Rides. On Your Terms.

If club membership isn't for you look us up on Turo or DriveShare.  We currently share some of our cars on these two marketplaces.

See below for available cars.

Drive Me Today.

2012 Maserati GranTurismo S

  • Discounts for longer trips.
  • Ferrari-built V8 with 433 hp.
  • Luxurious leather bucket seats.
  • Pure Italian sports car sound.
  • Click below to view more photos and make your reservation.
  • A DriveShare or Turo account is required for rentals. 
  • Our DriveShare price is higher than our Turo price because insurance is included in the DriveShare price. Turo requires an additional fee for insurance at checkout.

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