Join The Club.

What You Get for Your $.


  • Reserved driving days
  • Exclusive access to multiple cars
  • Members vote for all cars
  • Share time to drive all year


  • Scenic driving tours
  • Club sponsored trips
  • Free social events
  • No maintenance or insurance worries


  • Bonus Program
  • Low-cost delivery options
  • Special discounts and perks (see below)

Member Perks

Become a Founding GT Plan Member

To join, complete the online application (powered by Zoho Forms) and pay the $300 reservation fee.  Pay below or pay when you submit the form.  Any discounts will be applied to the time fee.

Join Now

GT Plan - Reservation Fee*


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

*Upon payment, we will process your application.  A PayPal account is not required. The online form will prompt you with another opportunity to pay (PayPal account is required). See the full terms and conditions.

How to Join.

Reserve Your Spot.

458 Italia

  1. Complete the online application.  You must be at least 23 years old.
  2. Pay the reservation fee.  This holds your spot.

Get Approved.

Porsche 911

  1. View the pre-screening criteria here.
  2. Consent to a background and Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check
  3. Complete an online form with our vendor "Reliable Background Screening."

Become a Member.

Ferrari F430 red

  1. Pay your time fee and buy any selected options (third-party financing available).
  2. Pay the security deposit.
  3. Sign the Membership Agreement.

Founding members will vote for 2 cars the first year


Vehicle use is subject to availability. A weekday block is Sun 4pm - Fri 5pm, a weekend block is Fri 8pm - Sun 1pm.

Maximize Drive Time.

Swap Vehicles.

Swap with others during your time block to get more variety.

Organize Meetups.

Share your drive days with other members and drive throughout the year.

Trade Days.

Trade with others during your time block to spread them out.

Get Rewarded.


Stick with us for 2 years and earn bonuses for each year that you remain an active member.


We'll pay it forward if you take care of our cars and keep costs low for everyone.

Club Ambassadors.

Help us recruit new members and promote the club to get special rewards.

Member Perks.

Car Delivery


  • We can deliver club vehicles to your location of choice.
  • 1 free per year (includes drop off and pick up for 1 time block)
  • Additional deliveries at a low cost

Free Detailing


  • Our friends at Precision will make your vehicle stand out!
  • 1 free basic detailing per year; exclusive discounts on other services.

PDC Products Discount


  • Save money on other PDC products
  • 25% off Vehicle Storage
  • 25% off PDC Merchandise

DJ Services Discount


  • Tony Prep Entertainment is the only choice for your next event.
  • Get 20% off all services (best discount available!)

Photography Discount


  • Wilson Modern Photography provides portrait, business, wedding, and automotive photo services.
  • Get 25% off the hourly rate!

Catering Discount


  • Choose Sherm's for the best tasting food and top quality service.
  • Exclusive discounts available

The Rules.

Speed limits exist.

We stuck this at the bottom because rules are a total drag.  But, PDC can't exist without them.  Just like roads have speed limits, supercars come with necessary restrictions.  If we follow the rules we can all stay safe and drive longer.

The Rules.

  • All drivers must be at least 23 years old.
  • Vehicles must stay in our service area.
  • Members have an annual mileage limit.
  • No unauthorized drivers or unauthorized use of our vehicles is permitted.
  • Vehicles can't be driven on a racetrack for any purpose.  Insurance companies hate that.
  • No alcohol is permitted in passenger cabins or our garage.  No smoking in our vehicles.

Membership Agreement.

All members must sign a Membership Agreement.  Consult this agreement for more details about our club rules.

Thanks for being cool and safe.

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