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What makes PDC better than owning exotic cars?

Owning an exotic car often comes with more headaches (and costs) then expected.  As a club member, you pay a fraction of the cost to drive multiple cars and you leave the worrying to us.  Carefree driving, club amenities, and social events mean that you get to have all the fun.

How many cars can I drive?

As a club member, you get to drive the cars eligible for your plan.  The GT Plan is our first and will start with 2 cars in year one. Founding members get to vote on what we buy.  To provide more variety to our members, we will add cars as the club grows.

What does my membership include?

You get reserved time blocks to drive club cars.  Pick one up clean, then return it to our garage fueled up.  We handle all the service and care.  We have a club lounge with free food too.  More details are found in our product guides.

Can someone else drive the car when I have it?

Only members can drive our cars, unless you pay an additional fee for your spouse or partner to be an authorized driver.  Other family members or friends will have to join separately.  Members and authorized drivers can share time with one another.

What happens if I have car trouble?

Pull over and message us if something doesn’t seem right.  We’ll figure out the next steps.  Every member will also have an emergency road side assistance card.  You won’t be left stranded.

How does insurance work?

Club members are covered through their personal insurance policies.  If you have at least one personal policy with full coverage (collision and comprehensive), you are covered in our cars.  Insurance verification is required.  Daily rentals through our partners are covered under third-party policies.

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